Finally Home

by The Coward and Anchor

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This is the first time I wrote and recorded a collection of songs to be put together for an album. These songs were recorded in Chicago, IL with the help of Producer, Fred Tesche.


released January 2, 2012

Produced by Fred Tesche



all rights reserved


The Coward and Anchor Chicago, Illinois

The Coward and Anchor is the musical vehicle for musician Tyler Priest. The C&A has to do with the monsters and demons we have to deal with everyday within ourselves, and how sometimes it can feel like we are two different types of people.

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Track Name: A Thousand Feet
Oh Wendy, will you open up your window toinght?
I've been searching for my shadow, need rest until morning light.
Can you hear when my heart's beating; palpitating like a clock
On an hour or forever, tick tock, tick tock

Would you tell me one more story?
It's something I do crave
One that I'll remember just like when

When you're a thousand feet above the ground, you give my heart something to be jealous about
And up above the world so high, you are the brightest diamond in my skies

Oh Wendy I would have grown old with you
Instead I'm floating over London with a heart broken in two

Ms. Darling will you take my hand?
Or hook if that's you'd rather, and off to Neverland
For it's easy to remember how happy I am inside
I'll tell you another secret:
You're the reason I can fly

Oh Wendy I...
Wendy I...
Track Name: Better Left Unsaid
So I'm miserable and I feel like shit
and I promise you played every single part in it
so take a sip of your wine without me
will you be fine

if you wake me up too early in the morning
I'll say the day would be much better if you weren't born
take a look at yourself without me
will you be fine?

and so your eyes and softly lay to be
and my heart will be right out my unbound chest
just use one excuse so you can tie the noose that you've
wrapped around my neck
some things are better left unsaid

I'm not bipolar like everyone says
so darling let's just pretend I am more sensitive
to all the bullshit and heartache that you have caused me again


and If you give me one thing
then I'll reciprocate
and if you give me your all, I'll give my everything
just to see a small smile creep across your face

'cause there aren't enough stars awake up in the skies
to illuminate as bright as both of your eyes
and I'll stay with you if you let me stare at them tonight

Track Name: If Virginia Weren't So Far
Darling, it's getting late
and the stars, they might come out
and you're all I think about
will I see you later if

I keep up with the calls
once a week now that is all
I'll treat you like the princess you are

Give me one more reason
I'm alive but barely breathing
yet it feels so natural

If Virginia weren't so far
I'd swear to you I'd give my all
just to have you right by my side

and now my heart is at war
but tell me who is it fighting for
for myself, or best intent?

and you're loud without a sound,
and life sucks when you're not around
i just think Charlottesville ain't right for you



Track Name: An Hour or Forever
Let the snow fall down,
it's the middle of the Winter
watch it all melt on the ground

and I'd keep you warm
for 3 years or forever
and call you my ever sweetest angel

and an hour without you
surely should be called a forever
and it's been months since you left me here alone

and the hardest part of this:
your heart was beating sins in blood on paper
confessing secrets that you've already known

I'll write all these words,
just to send them in a letter
addressed to anyone still listening now

I'll hope all my words
get stuck in your head forever
and you can sing as one in the crowd


So let the snow fall down
it's the middle of the Winter
let it all melt on the ground

and I'd keep you warm
for 3 years not forever
and call you my sweetest angel
and call you my sweetest angel
Track Name: Dear God, I'll See You in Chicago
Can you hear my breathing
to my heart's beating now?
and somehow

you said that we'd grow older
but never over us

But you were my angel and I promised I'd love you forever
and I wrote to God, asking Him to make it better
so Dear God, where's my angel, where did you take her?
Thought that I'd keep to have and hold, but now's not forever

and I hope someone beds you tonight,
his hands on your hips, and he's behind you
my tears roll I'm getting by


she packed her life away into a single duffle bag
not everything she wanted, but was everything she had
except a vase of flowers, living once, now dead and gone
hoping to preserve memories that she carried all along


Can you hear me breathing
to my heart's beating now? Somehow
You said we'd grow older, but never over us
without so much, as a goodbye

so I'll say goodbye